Aviran Priante, B.Sc.

M.Sc. student 

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I joined Dr. Michaelevski's lab in October 2017 after graduation my B.Sc. study in Bar-Ilan University , mathematics and life science. During my degree, I was exposed to various subjects in mathematics and neuroscience, using the tools that I have acquired I'm trying to combine my knowledge in this two fields in order to cope with my research topic.   


The title of my research is "Quantum-Brain –non-deterministic quantum behavior of neural networks".
The main goal of my research is to create a mathematical model that simulates the biological process of coding and retrieval of memory in real biological systems. As part of the research we try to understand whether activity in neuronal networks can be classified as non-deterministic and the characteristics of such behavior. In order to approach this problem, we use mathematical models that describe behavior of networks, artificial neural networks (ANNs) and statistical mechanics.


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B. Former Occupation


Neurobiology of Learning and Memory | Building 6 | Ariel University | Room: 6.1.3 & 4b | Phone: +972-3-914-3068 | Email: izhakmi@ariel.ac.il

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