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Karin Norieli, B.Sc.

M.Sc. student 



          +972-3-914-3069                  Building 6, R. 6.1.


I joined the laboratory of Dr. Michaelevski in October 2016. I am investigating the role of AKT kinase vs allosteric activity on eLTP expression and basal synaptic transmission.
Outside the laboratory my other great passion is the dancing and travelling. I also like to learn new languages. I speak fluent Spanish.



Role of AKT kinase in early phase LTP expression and basal synaptic transmission.
The serine/threonine kinase AKT/PKB plays a fundamental role in a wide variety of neuronal functions, including neuronal cell development, axonal growth, and synaptic plasticity.
I am using combination of genetic and pharmacological manipulations to evaluate kinase and allosteric effect of AKT1 on eLTP expression and basal synaptic transmission. 


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A. Education
      2016- B.Sc degree in Molecular Biology in Ariel University, Israel. 
      2010- High school Graduate, specialization in robotics, mathematics and chemistry in "Ohel-Shem" high school, Ramat-Gan.
      In 2009 I represented Israel in an international Robotics compition – Robocap Junior, Graz Austria.

B. Former Occupation
      2014-2016 a spokeswoman in "Yuvalim" project of the Israeli Zionist Org.

C. Laboratory Experience
     •    Nikon microscopy operation.

D. Additional Qualifications
    2010-2012 Full term military service as a laboratory assistant in the "Heller Institute of Medical Research", Sheba hospital, Ramat-Gan.

My Project
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