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Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator
Izhak M. Michaelevski, Ph.D.
                          Head of the Laboratory

In 2016, I joined Ariel University as a Principal Investigator and Senior Lecturer... more details

Senior Scientist
Senior Scientists
Anton Sheinin, Ph.D. 
                      Invited Senior Scientist & Advisor

Dr. Sheinin was employed as a senior scientist in Tel Aviv University. Currently, Dr. Sheinin is a senior technical scientists at Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University. He serves as a techinical advisor in Electrophysiology for many laboratories in Israel, including for our lab. Moreover, More details

Tamara Brider, Ph.D. 

I finished my Ph.D. in the Medicinal Chemistry program at the Ariel University of Samaria in the laboratory of Prof. Gary Gellerman.  The main subject of the research  more details

Ph.D. Students
Ph.D. Students
Michal Reichenstein, M.Sc.

I joined the laboratory of Dr. Michaelevski in May 2012. Currently, I am focused on investigating the effects of molecular interventions with Abl kinase activity on synaptic transmission in cultured hippocampal neurons ... more details

Maryia Bayrachnaya, M.Sc.
                      co-supervised with Prof. Pinhasov 

I started my academic career at the International State Environmental University (ISEU), Belarus in 2005. After receiving my B.Sc and M.Sc degrees there, I was very delighted to ...  more details

Denis Gorobetc, M.Sc.

I joined the laboratory of Dr. Michaelevski in 2017. I started my academic career at  Saint Petersburg Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy ...  more details

Kate Murlanova, M.Sc.
                      co-supervised with Prof. Pinhasov  

After graduating the Bogomolets National Medical University in Ukraine and receiving my BSc and MS degree ther  ...  more details

Tetiana Kardash, M.Sc.
                      co-supervised with Prof. Pinhasov

I’m a PhD student from Ukraine. Previously, I finished my bachelor and master degree studies at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv  ...  more details

Marina Kabirova, M.Sc.

I will have join Dr. Michaelevski's lab from March 2018, after graduation my M.Sc. theses in Prof. I. Bezprozvanny's lab in  ...  more details

M.Sc. Students
M.Sc. students
Karin Norieli, B.Sc.

I joined the laboratory of Dr. Michaelevski in October 2016. I am investigating the role of AKT kinase vs  ... more details

Chen Harush, B.Sc.

I joined Dr. Michaelevski's lab in October 2016 after graduation my B.Sc. study in ... more details

Aviran Priante, B.Sc.

I joined Dr. Michaelevski's lab in October 2017 after graduation my B.Sc. study in Bar-Ilan University , mathematics and life science ... more details

Stav Gutman, B.Sc.
                      co-supervised with Prof. Pinhasov

I completed my study in molecular biology at Ariel University, and I ... more details

Raz Robas, B.Sc.
                      co-supervised with Prof. Pinhasov

I joined Dr. Michaelevski's lab in October 2017 in conjoint supervision under Prof. Pinhasov ... more details

Natalia Borovok, Ph.D. 

Before immigration to Israel my research was related to brain membrane modification effects on neurotransmitter... more details

Yefim Pen, M.Sc. 

Yefim graduated M.Sc. track being involved in the project of invovlement of  AKT signaling in LTP regulation. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Weizmann Institute of Science at Dr. Tali Kimchi Lab. 

Moshe Gross, M.Sc. 

Moshe was a Ph.D. student being involved in project investingating the molecular and genetic variations underlying depression-associated age-related cognitive impairment. Currrently, Moshe is a technical fellow in Ariel University. 

Other alumni
  • Fani Kaplan

  • Yossi Sadot

  • Mila Kazavchinsky

  • Tinley Chen

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