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Question 1: What kind of theoretical and experimental background is needed to accomplish the projects?

Students and research fellows need to have a good theoretical knowledge of molecular, functional and systems neurobiology. Practical background in molecular biology is recommended.

Question 2: Is necessary to conduct electrophysiological experiments for each research project?

In general, each project has a potential to use electrophysiological study. Whereas M.Sc. Students are not required to study all necessary techniques needed for their projects, Ph.D. students will be elaborated in all methodologies to accomplish their project. Post-doctoral fellows will be required to conduct independent research and skilled in all the methodologies necessary for their project.

Question 3: Is possible for a post-doctoral fellow to bring his own project?

If the project falls within the interest of the laboratory, post-doctoral fellow may conduct his own independent project. In case of successful accomplishment, the fellow will be able to take the project as a seed study for his own independent research.

Question 4: How can I apply for a position in the lab?

You can contact the head of the lab, preferably via email.  Please include your updated CV and also the following information:

For Post-Doc position:

1. List of publications

2. Reference letters (three letters, one of them should be from Ph.D. mentor)

3. Letter of intent

4. List of professional skills

5. CV

For Ph.D. position:

1. Reference letters (two letters, one of them should be provided from M.Sc. mentor)

2. Concise description of the topic of interest

3. List of publications (if available, including in preparation or submitted)

4. List of advanced courses taken during M.Sc. training

5. CV


For M.Sc. position:

1. Concise description of the topic of interest

2. List of courses taken during B.Sc. traning

3. CV

Question 5: Is necessary to work with lab animals?

All biological projects require work with lab animals. Only the theoretical projects intended for mathmaticians or physicists do not require work with lab animals. 

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